Central Water Commission New Delhi

Central Water Commission is a premier Technical Organisation in the country in the field of water resources and is charged with the general responsibilities of initiating, coordinating and furthering, in consultation with the State Governments concerned, schemes for control, conservation and utilisation of water resources throughout the country, for purpose of Flood Control, Irrigation, Navigation, Drinking Water Supply and Water Power Development.

In exercise of the above responsibilities following are the broad main functions of CWC:

-        To undertake necessary surveys and investigations as and when so required, to prepare designs and schemes for the development of river valleys in respect of power generation, irrigation by gravity flow or lift, flood management, environmental management, rehabilitation and resettlement, soil conservation, anti-water logging measures, reclamation of alkaline and saline soils, drainage and for drinking water supply;

-        To undertake construction work of any river valley development scheme on behalf of the Government of India or State Government concerned;

-        To advise and assist, when so required, the State Governments (Commissions, Corporations or Boards that are set up) in the investigation, surveys and preparation of river valley and power development schemes for particular areas and regions;

-        To advise the Government of India in respect of Water Resources Development, regarding rights and disputes between different States which affect any scheme for the conservation and utilization and any matter that may be referred to the Commission in connection with river valley development;

-        To advise the Government of India and the concerned State Governments on the basin-wise development of water resources;

-        To advise the Government of India with regard to all matters relating to the Inter-State water disputes;

-        To collect, coordinate the collection of, publish and analyse the data relating to tidal rivers, rainfall, runoff and temperature, silting of reservoirs, behaviour of hydraulic structures, environmental aspects etc. and to act as the Central Bureau of Information in respect of these matters;

-        To collect, maintain and publish statistical data relating to water resources and its utilization including quality of water throughout India and to act as the Central Bureau of Information relating to water resources;

-        To initiate schemes and arrange for the training of Indian Engineers in India and abroad in all aspects of river valley development;

-       To standardize instruments, methods of observation and record, materials for construction, design and operation of irrigation projects;

-       To initiate studies on socio-agro-economic and ecological aspects of  irrigation projects for the sustained development of irrigation;

-       To conduct and coordinate research on the various aspects of river valley development schemes such as flood management, irrigation, navigation, water power development etc., and the connected structural and design features;

-       To promote modern data collection techniques such as remote sensing technology for water resources development and river forecasting and development of computer software;

-        To conduct studies on dam safety aspects for the existing and future dams and standardize the instruments for dam safety measures;

-        To initiate morphological studies to visualise river behaviour, bank erosion/coastal erosion problems and advise the Central and State Governments on all such matters;

-       To conduct experiments, research and to carry out such other activities as will promote economic and optimum utilization of water resources; and           

-       To promote and create mass awareness in the progress and achievement made by the country in the water resources development, use and conservation.


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