Ground Water Augmentation Award and National Water Award

                Ministry of Water Resources has instituted annual awards namely Ground Water Augmentation Awards (Bhoomijal Samvardhan Puraskar) and National Water Award, in the Year 2007.

The awards aim to encourage the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) /Gram Panchayats/ Urban Local Bodies (for population up to 1 lakh)/Institutions/Corporate Sector and Individuals for adopting innovative practices of ground water augmentation by rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge, promoting water use efficiency, recycling & re-use of water and creating awareness through people's participation in the targeted areas resulting into the sustainability of ground water resources.

There are 21 Ground Water Augmentation Awards (Bhoomijal Samvardhan Puraskars) for all categories. Out of this 21, one is  National Water Award given  for best innovative practices of water conservation etc. consisting of a cash award of Rs. 10 lakh and a plaque with citation. For remaining 20 awards cash of Rs 1.00 Lakh and a plaque with citation is given


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