Flood Management Programme

1. Introduction (pdf 12.3 kb)

2. FMP During XI Plan (pdf 81.5 kb)

3. FMP During XII Plan (pdf 18.9 kb)

4. Flood Management Programme During XI Plan- Revised Guidelines for Central Assistance to States (pdf 543 kb)

5. Flood Management Programme During XII Plan- Guidelines for Central Assistance to States (pdf 720 kb)

6.  Funding Pattern of Centrally Sponsored Schemes


Annexures : 

a. Sanction Order issued by the Ministry of Water Resources constituting the Empowered Committee (pdf 11.5 kb)

b.  Minutes of Meetings of the Empowered Committee

      1st    (pdf 28.5 kb)|   2nd   (pdf 37.9 kb) |   3rd   (pdf 84.5 kb) |   4th   (pdf 55.3 kb)|   5th   (pdf 52.9 kb) | 6th   (pdf 57.4 kb)|   7th   (pdf 12.1 mb) |   8th   (pdf 9.85 mb)

c.  Minutes of Meetings of the Inter-Ministerial Committee

     1st    (pdf 3.45 mb)|   2nd (pdf 16.9 mb)

d.  Details of Works Approved during XII Plan up to 31-12-2016 (pdf 12.2 kb)

e.  State-Wise Funds Released under "Flood Management Programme"  during XIth and XIIth  Plans (up to 31.01.2017) (pdf 27.1 kb)

f.  State-wise Details of Works completed and Area Protected Under Flood Management Programme During XI Plan (pdf 26.7 kb)



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