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NODAL SECTION: External Assistance Section

Status of ongoing projects with the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is as follows:

1.  Andhra Pradesh Irrigation and Livelihood Improvement Project (APILIP) (IDP-181)

Nodal Department: Irrigation and CAD Department

Objectives:   The overall objective of the project is to improve rural livelihood and reduce poverty by stabilizing irrigation potential created through community management of water.

Components: The main component of the project is construction of minor irrigation facilities, which includes (i) Rehabilitation of medium irrigation facilities (ii) Formation and capacity building of project WUA (Water Users’ Association) (iii) Support to sector reform and (iv) Consulting services. The project consists of 15 medium sub-projects. The project was started in March 2007 and the closing date is July 2016. Out of the total JICA loan amount of 23,974 Million Japanese Yen, 10,766 Million Japanese Yen has been utilized upto 31.03.2015.

Works relating to formation of 55 New Minor Irrigation Tanks (Tentative cost: Rs.352.98 crore) in 48 surplus river basins to create new irrigation potential of about 43,269 acres and works relating to Rehabilitation of 20 existing Medium Irrigation sub projects (estimated cost: Rs. 521.04 crore), to stabilize an ayacut of 2,92,011 Acres and reduce a gap ayacut of 85,250 Acres, are under implementation.

Physical Progress:

·         Out of works relating to formation of 55 New Minor Irrigation Tanks, works in respect of 48 Tanks have been grounded, 14 Tanks completed and 25 Tanks are in progress. 

·         Out of works relating to 20 Medium Irrigation Sub-Projects, works on 8 sub-projects have been grounded, 8 have been completed, and remaining works on remaining 4 sub-projects have been completed.


2.         Rajasthan Minor Irrigation Improvement Project (RAJAMIIP) (IDP-161):

Nodal Department: Water Resources Department

Objectives:   The overall objectives of the project are (i) to improve surface irrigation systems performance efficiency and strengthening agricultural support services in selected schemes through increased involvement of users, (ii) to increase food production and poverty alleviation, (iii) to strengthen capacity of Govt. official and WUAs, (iv) to strengthen capacity of strategic planning and sustainable development and management of surface water resources.

Components:          The main components of the project are: (i) Civil Works for rehabilitation of 415 Minor Irrigation Schemes, (ii) Technical and Institutional Support, and (iii) Consulting Services. Total Culturable Command Area (CCA) of the Project: 1.54 lac ha. The Project was started in March 2005 and the closing date is July 2015. The total amount of loan assistance from JICA is JPY 11,555 Million, out of which 3907.15 Million Japanese Yen has been disbursed upto 31.03.2015.

Physical Progress: Out of 353 sub-projects (tenders called and orders issued) for rehabilitation of minor irrigation schemes, 137 sub-projects with Culturable Command Area (CCA) of 48,488 ha. have so far been completed.

Benefits of the Project: After rehabilitation of sub-projects, 22% losses will be reduced thereby increasing conveyance and operational efficiency from 50% to 72%. The overall irrigation efficiency will increase from 35% to 54%. The total increase in Culturable Command Area (CCA) would be 24%.

Involvement of Non Government Organizations (NGO): NGOs are to be employed under the Project for formation and capacity building of WUAs and delivery of Agriculture Extension; and for Pro poor Component as a pilot exercise in 6 districts.


3.  Rengali Irrigation Sub-project, Left Bank Canal (LBC-II), Phase-I (IDP 210 & 210-A):

Nodal Department: Water Resources Department

Objectives:   The overall objective of the project is to increase the production of agriculture and thereby improve the living standard of farmers in the project area by constructing the irrigation systems.

Components:          The main components of the project are construction of Rengali Irrigation Left Bank Canal System (LBC-II) Phase-I and provision of necessary distribution system & ancillaries. The loan agreement was signed in March 2010 and the project is scheduled to be closed in November 2015. Against the sanctioned JICA loan assistance of JPY 3072 million, JPY 3067.75 million has been disbursed till 31.03.2015.

Physical Progress:

          (a)      Irrigation Potential Creation: Out of the target of 29176  ha, it has achieved 26500 ha (90.82%) till November, 2013.

          (b)      Agricultural Production:

                   (i)       Without Project – 84363 MT/Year

                    (ii)      With Project – 199825 MT/Year

          (c)      Income of Farmers:

                   (i)       Nos. of Households Benefited – 39,588 Nos.

                   (ii)      Without Project Rs. 13348.4/Year

                   (iii)     With Project Rs. 1,01,464.5/year


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