Ground Water Management Studies

Ground Water Resources occur in dynamic state and hence subjected to periodic changes. Ground water Management Studies (GWMS) are essential to update the scenario of ground water occurrence, availability and utilization in terms of quality and quantity with reference to the previous studies. The objectives of the GWMS are as follows:

1.      To depict the ground water regime in terms of quantity and quality as on the date.

2.      Ascertaining the factors influencing the ground water scenario.

3.      Identification of problems and issues pertaining to ground water and provide suitable object oriented management strategy for implementation.

4.      To update the existing database on ground water regime.

5.      To demarcate the ground water worthy areas.

6.      To recommend suitable follow up action/ remedial measures/ administrative and technical measures for the specific problems.

Priority is given to “Over-Exploited” and critical areas , hard rock area, coastal area, tribal & drought prone area, naturally contaminated area, urban area, water logged area etc.


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