Central Ground Water Board Faridabad

Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), is a  multidisciplinary  scientific  organization  with  a mandate to " Develop and disseminate technologies and monitor and implement national policies for the scientific and sustainable development and management of India's ground water resources, including their exploration, assessment, conservation, augmentation, protection from pollution, and distribution, based on principles of economic and ecological efficiency and equity”.

CGWB being the national apex organization is vested with the responsibilities to carry out scientific studies , exploration aided by drilling , monitoring of ground water regime, assessment, augmentation, management and regulation of country’s ground water resources.

The major activities of the Board are as below:-

  • National Project on Aquifer Management (NAQUIM)
  • Ground Water Exploration
  • Monitoring of Ground Water Observation Wells
  • Geophysical Studies 
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Hydrological and hydro-meteorological studies
  • Remote sensing studies.  
  • Ground water pollution studies.  
  • Ground water modelling studies
  • Reports , Maps and Information Booklets
  • Water  Supply  Investigations
  • Dissemination and Sharing of Technical Know-how
  • Re-Assessment of Dynamic Ground Water Resources
  • Artificial Recharge Studies
  • Technical    Examination    of     Major/Medium    Irrigation project proposals
  • Human Resources Development (National Ground Water Training & Research Institute etc.)
  • Hydrology Project
  • Publicity and Public Awareness
  • Central Ground Water Authority
  • IEC Activities (Painting Competition, Essay Competition etc.)
  • Research & Development


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Website of Central Ground Water Board  :  www.cgwb.gov.in

 Website of Training Institute  :   www.ngwtri.org

Central Headquarters,Faridabad
Regional Offices (18)
1. North WestHimalayan Region,Jammu
2. North Himalayan Region, Dharamshala
3. North Western Region,Chandigarh
4. Uttaranchal Region, Dehradun
5. Northern Region,Lucknow
6. Western Region, Jaipur
7. Mid Eastern Region, Patna
8. Eastern Region, Kolkata
9. North Eastern Region, Guwahati
10.West Central Region, Ahemdabad
11. North Central Region,Bhopal
12. North Central Chhatishgarh Region, Raipur
13. South Eastern Region, Bhubaneshwar
14. Central Region, Nagpur
15. South Region,Hyderabad
16. South Western Region,Bangalore
17. South Eastern Coastal Region, Chennai
18. Kerala Region, Trivendrum

Divisional Offices (17)
1. Division-I, Ahemdabad
2. Division-II, Ambala
3. Division-III,Varanasi
4. Division-IV, Chennai
5. Division-V,Ranchi
6. Division-VI,Nagpur
7. Division-VII, Guwahati
8. Division-VIII,Jammu
9. Division-IX, Hyderabad
10.Division-X, Bhubaneshwar
11.Division-XI, Jodhopur
12.Division-XII, Bhopal
13.Division-XIII- Raipur
14.Division-XIV, Bangalore
15.Division-XV, Kolkata
16.Division-XVI, Bareilly
17.Division- XVII, Dharamshala
State Unit Office (11)
1. Delhi
2. Belgaum.
3. Shillong
4. Jodhpur
5. Pune
6. Agartala
7. Ranchi
8. Itanagar
9. Allahabad 

11. Srinagar


National Ground Water Training and Research Institute

National Ground Water Training and Research Institute (NGWTRI) is engaged in capacity building of ground water professionals and sub-professionals in core and applied field of ground water science since 1997.

The Institute created as training wing of Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India in 12th Plan Period is presently a plan scheme of Human Resource Development (HRD)/ Capacity Building.

National Ground Water Training and Research Institute is envisaged to function as "Centre of Excellence" in training and research in the core and applied field of ground water. In view of the challenges posed by geological and physiographic variations in India in sustainable management of the resource, it has a national role of capacity building of ground water professionals. In 12th Plan Period efforts have been made for capacity building of grass root level stakeholders at panchayat/community development blocks level. The institute strives:

  • To be an international center of excellence in Training, Research and Development in the groundwater sector
  • To provide training to ground water professionals and sub-professionals in various fields of ground water
  • To train NGO, PRIs and other stake holders of ground water
  • To train various stake holders for taking up ground water monitoring and data collection work for Aquifer Mapping under Participatory Ground Water Management Program of National Project on Aquifer Management (NAQUIM)
  • To undertake Research and development works in Ground Water Sector

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